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Discover your Unique Pathway To a Thriving Life

Assessment Counselling and Neurotherpy Services in Calgary

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Are you experiencing unmanageable stress?

How is your work-life balance?

Are you having problems with sleep?
Are you experiencing difficulties in your relationships?

Is your child experiencing challenges with learning or behavior?

Is your family struggling?

Are you living with chronic pain?

If your answer is yes, our clinical team can help. Visit us at the NeuroLounge to learn more. Our skilled professionals offer education and use a variety of tools to provide assessment, counselling and neurotherapies to help you get back to a thriving life. 

Visit our Calgary NeuroLounge to explore the many therapeutic options available to you! Contact us for a free 30-minute consultation, and learn about cutting edge, user friendly NeuroWearables to enhance brain function.

Our Services

NeuroThrive Networks (NTNs) is an organization that strives to demystify and shift the zeitgeist of mental health by offering community-based support services. Our holistic, multi-layered services are derived from evidence-based research and recognize the individuality and complexity of human function.


We offer both free and fee-for-service supports that increase access to mental health services and an elevated quality of life. We offer information, consultation, and clinical supports for more complex needs as well as access to the NeuroLounge, and referrals for external supports.

Mental Health Services 




Welcome to Our NeuroLounge


The NeuroLounge is an open-access educational and consultation “hub” where professional team members and professionals-in-training, are onsite to offer a free 30 min consultation and based on evaluation, up to five free 30 min. clinical support sessions that encourage a deeper understanding of your strengths and areas of concern. Support options may also include referrals to both in-house and external (free and fee-for-service) agencies and other resources as needed.

Visit us at the NeuroLounge to learn more about the latest digital therapeutics such as “NeuroWearables” that you can try, rent, or buy to enhance brain health and your thriving life. 


*We continue to identify and enhance our professional network of partners and resources to increase access to service. We welcome interested professionals, interns and students to contact us to for more information.


**COVID precautions continue to be practiced by professionals on-site.


Our Brands


Free Clinical Support Services

In addition to the NeuroLounge, NeuroThrive Networks (NTNs) offers customized supports that incorporate traditional and innovative, evidence-based therapies to enhance brain function, mental health and elevate your thriving life.

Our continuum of in-house fee-for-service options can address and support both specialized and general areas of concern such as neurocognitive, brain injury/concussion, energy/metabolism, nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress, mood (anxiety, depression), childhood trauma, PTSD, learning, academic, behavioural, relational and social concerns, disability (e.g., addiction, chronic pain, cognitive decline), parenting, separation and divorce.  We consult with other professionals as required to understand how best to support you and refer you to external (free or fee-for-service) resources as required.

Our entire complement of services include:


Drop-in services at the NeuroLounge that include:

  • Free educational information

  • Free 30 min. consultation

  • Up to five free 30 min. clinical support sessions

  • Access to brief assessment (survey) for service identification and referral

  • Learn about, try for free, rent or buy NeuroWearable devices, supported by clinical consultation

Comprehensive Assessment and Counselling services for:

  • Children, Youth, Adults, Couples and Families

  • Counselling combined with neurostimulation


Neurostimulation and brain training: 

  • Neurostimulation,

  • Neurofeedback,

  • Photobiomodulation

  • Remote neurotherapy services

Talk to a professional about your situation and find a solution that supports your unique pathway to a thriving life!

Experienced Counsellors


Talk to a professional about your problems and find a solution that works best for your mental well-being.

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