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Family Counselling

 Family Counselling in Calgary

Family challenges, if left unresolved, may result in unprocessed feelings that may lead to significant individual and family difficulties. Family members may experience;

  • Increased levels of stress

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Reduced sleep

  • Increased conflict and other potential difficulties which may exceed the ability to thrive and function well as a family.  


Family counselling can be beneficial for your mental health and for your family’s overall well-being.  Our counselling team can assist family members to improve communication, build stronger bonds, and better understand each other. Whether it's a challenge related to parenting, couples, family relationships or extended family, our counselling team is here to help.


 In addition to traditional therapeutic approaches we also incorporate NeuroWearables. NeuroWearables can improve secondary issues such as sleep, pain and reduce unmanageable stress.. Our combination of traditional therapies and innovative neurotechnologies enhance your ability to experience a thriving life!

Family counselling helps:


  • Create hope and optimism that family life will improve

  • Reduce stress and emotional flooding to enhance discussion

  • Establish a positive, open-minded, approach when addressing family challenges

  • Identify and build existing skill sets and establish new adaptive skills

  • Developing and maintaining a supportive social and extended family network

  • Builds  all members’ social-emotional, psychological and physical well-being

  • Develop and apply principles of healthy boundaries

  • Builds a foundation for family and individual well-being

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Mental Health Services 




Free Clinical Support Services

Access free 30-minute clinical support services (up to five) provided by Registered Psychologists, interns and other professionals in-training.


Welcome to Our NeuroLounge


The NeuroLounge is an open-access educational and consultation “hub” where professional team members and professionals-in-training, are onsite to offer a free 30 min consultation and based on evaluation, up to five free 30 min. clinical support sessions that encourage a deeper understanding of your strengths and areas of concern. Support options may also include referrals to both in-house and external (free and fee-for-service) agencies and other resources as needed.

Visit us at the NeuroLounge to learn more about the latest digital therapeutics such as “NeuroWearables” that you can try, rent, or buy to enhance brain health and your thriving life. 

*We continue to identify and enhance our professional network of partners and resources to increase access to service. We welcome interested professionals, interns and students to contact us to for more information.


**COVID precautions continue to be practiced by professionals on-site.


Find Better Ways to Resolve Family Challenges

Our therapists can assist you and your family to experience a thriving, satisfying life as a family

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