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NeuroLounge in Calgary

The NeuroLounge is a welcoming, comfortable learning environment where you can drop in to ask questions, check out our video/resource library, Complete a brief survey and explore one of our many digital therapeutics. Our NeuroWearable devices are safe, effective and support brain efficiency and mental health. Our hope is that the NeuroLounge will encourage learning and dialogue amongst community members, our team, trainees and interested professionals about the factors that optimize brain health and a thriving lifestyle. Our goal is to facilitate access to learning, connection, information, training, as well as access to customizable therapies.  We support a preventative, collaborative orientation, where community members and professionals alike can access resources and learn about some of the most current advances in brain health and the variety of digital therapeutics and other treatment options available to explore your unique pathway to a thriving life.


Recent advances in software technology has resulted in the development of sophisticated digital therapeutics that are suprisingly user-friendly, safe and effective. These neurostimulation devices (which we refer to as "neurowearables") are grounded in decades of psychophysiological, neuroscientific, and medical research fields among others.


NeuroWearable devices can be incorporated into daily life to enhance cognitive efficiency and overall function.  Versatile, adaptable, and affordable, these devices can help to enhance mood states, enhance learning and creativity, reduce pain, improve sleep, and support meditative/relaxation states of the mind.

Join us at the NeuroLounge and book an online appointment with us. We are here to educate you about the products and their uses. Visit us at the NeuroLounge to try one of the NeuroWearables that is the best option for you. Please connect with us for short-term assessments at the NeuroLounge or take the survey here

Visit our NeuroLounge to
Try, Rent or Buy Our Devices


Free Clinical Support Services

Access free 30-minute clinical support services (up to five) provided by Registered Psychologists, interns and other professionals in-training.

Mental Health Services 



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