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Anger Management

Anger Management Solutions

NeuroThrive Networks provides customized anger management counselling.  We dispel misconceptions about anger, explore its purpose, and guide you in expressing it openly.  Contact us to discuss your specific counselling needs. We are dedicated to supporting you during this challenging time.

Reasons for Being Angry

There can be various reasons why individuals experience anger. Here are some common experiences and feelings that may result in anger:

  • Frustration: Feeling blocked or hindered from achieving a goal can lead to anger.

  • Injustice: Perceiving unfair treatment or being wronged can trigger anger.

  • Threats: Feeling threatened, whether physically, emotionally, or socially, can elicit anger.

  • Fear or anxiety: Anger can sometimes be a defence mechanism in response to underlying fear or anxiety.

  • Stress: High levels of stress or pressure can contribute to increased anger.

  • Unrealistic expectations: When expectations are not met, it can result in anger and disappointment.

  • Hurt or betrayal: Feeling hurt or betrayed by someone close can evoke anger as a protective response.

  • Powerlessness: Anger can arise from a sense of powerlessness or lack of control in a situation.

  • Accumulated resentment: Unresolved feelings of resentment or past grievances can fuel anger.

  • Learned behaviour: Some individuals may have learned to express anger as a default response from their environment or upbringing.

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How Do We Help?

NeuroThrive Networks provides a range of therapeutic practices for those seeking assistance with anger. Our services may involve a variety of traditional counselling and psycho-educational approaches and may also include neurostimulation depending on your preferences for support.  Our goal is to help clients manage anger more effectively, leading to a more balanced and fulfilling life. Connect with us to learn more

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