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Mental Health Services

Centre for Comprehensive Mental Health Services in Calgary

Built on several years of clinical experience and a trauma-informed lens, the team at NeuroThrive Networks is committed to the establishment of sustainable, comprehensive mental health services. We incorporate the latest in research and best practices from the neurosciences, medicine, and psychology.  Traditional evidence-based therapies, neurotherapies and advances in neuro-technologies inform our work.  Focused on Adaptability, Affordability and Accessibility, our flexible services meet your specific requirements.  Whether you need individual or family counselling or want to consult a therapist for your child, we can help. Book an appointment or visit our NeuroLounge in Calgary where you can access a free 30 minute consultation with one of our team members. You may also try, rent or buy innovative technologies. 


Services for All Age Groups

At NeuroThrive Networks, we offer assessment, counselling and neurotherapies to help individuals overcome issues such as:

  • Trauma (Complex trauma, PTSD, Concussion)

  • Relationship Issues (Couples, Parent-Child, Bullying)

  • Sleep difficulties

  • Chronic pain (migraine, headache, body pain)

  • Mood disorders (anxiety, depression, emotional dysregulation)

  • Cognitive health

  • Overwhelming stress, employment/return to work/adjustment

  • Mild to moderate brain injury

  • Learning and behavioural difficulties 

  • Separation and divorce


Treatment at NeuroThrive Networks may involve:


  • Assessment: Neurocognitive, Psycho-educational, Functional/behavioural, Parenting.

  • Neurotherapies: qEEG, non-invasive neurostimulation, neurofeedback and other technologies

  • Traditional counselling approaches (e.g., EMDR, CBT, ACT) and Neuropsychotherapy which combines traditional counselling approaches with neurostimulation.

  • Mediation and high conflict resolution for parents and other family members.

Our mental health services support family members, whatever their stage of development. We incorporate assessment, parent consultation, and counselling for children, youth, and young adults.  We can provide support for anxiety, depression, learning difficulties, and behavioural or functional concerns.


Discover Your
Unique Pathway
to Thriving In Life

Support Groups

PTSD & Trauma Counselling

Trauma can have a lasting impact on brain function and your ability to adapt and thrive.  It can result in problems such as sleep, stress, pain, and emotional dysregulation (anxiety, depression, unresolved anger).


At NeuroThrive Networks, our clinical team can help. From traditional approaches such as EMDR, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) , and other therapies to neurostimulation, we can assist you to discover your unique pathway to a thriving life.

To learn more about our services, book an appointment with one of our therapists. 

Mental Health Services 




Free Clinical Support Services

Access free 30-minute clinical support services (up to five) provided by Registered Psychologists, interns and other professionals in-training.


Welcome to Our NeuroLounge


The NeuroLounge is an open-access educational and consultation “hub” where professional team members and professionals-in-training, are onsite to offer a free 30 min consultation and based on evaluation, up to five free 30 min. clinical support sessions that encourage a deeper understanding of your strengths and areas of concern. Support options may also include referrals to both in-house and external (free and fee-for-service) agencies and other resources as needed.

Visit us at the NeuroLounge to learn more about the latest digital therapeutics such as “NeuroWearables” that you can try, rent, or buy to enhance brain health and your thriving life. 


*We continue to identify and enhance our professional network of partners and resources to increase access to service. We welcome interested professionals, interns and students to contact us to for more information.


**COVID precautions continue to be practiced by professionals on-site.


Child & Youth Counselling


Individual Counselling


Family Counselling


Couples Counselling

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