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NeuroThrive Networks offers Neurotherapy which is a safe and effective form of neurostimulation helps the brain regulate more effectively. Neurofeedback or “brain training” helps the brain establish and maintain a new level of performance that optimizes brain function.


We offer comprehensive fee-for-service customized Neurotherapy using NeuroField equipment and software. In addition, we also use the NeuroGuide platform for collection, evaluation, and highly individualized neurofeedback training. Portable NeuroWearable devices such as the “Muse” and “Mendi” headbands can be tried for free in the NeuroLounge.

If you want to benefit from brain training and thrive in life, contact us today.

Remote Neurotherapies


Remote neurotherapies such as Myndlift and 19-channel Neurofeedback systems can be rented and used at home. The convenience of home use may allow for several additional benefits, including training another person in the family for less than if done separately and being able to increase the frequency of daily training, which may stimulate faster results if the training is completed consistently over at least a one-month period. Another advantage is that our counsellors and clinicians can follow your progress remotely and in real-time.


Costs and fees will be discussed at the time of the initial consultation. In cases where multiple individuals are training with the technology at home, additional fees for added clinician time will be determined. This form of neurofeedback is comparatively more cost-effective, and treatment is faster compared to in-clinic services. It can be used by children and adults.


Our counsellors can assist you to understand the neurofeedback process so you can make the best decisions regarding training options to improve your brain and mental health. Neurofeedback has been used in clinics around the world for decades, and countless research studies have shown it to be effective in treating many conditions such as epilepsy, ADHD, concussion, brain trauma, addictions, mood disorders and more. Call us to learn more about this type of therapy.



Myndlift, developed in Israel, utilizes a wearable device called Muse developed in Canada to train the brain with the help of visually-guided stimuli using a single electrode. Users can choose between game-like stimuli or YouTube content on a tablet. It has shown effectiveness in addressing brain and behavioural symptoms in conditions like ADHD and anxiety. Myndlift offers accessible and engaging neurofeedback training, empowering individuals to improve their well-being.


Myndlift comes with a host of advantages, some of which are mentioned below:

  • It is remote technology which is considerably more cost-effective than accessing the comprehensive and sophisticated Neurotherapy options in-clinic.

  • Your clinician can follow your progress in real-time and review your data to monitor for expected changes in brain performance.

  • Your clinician can also adjust treatment protocols remotely to fine-tune changes or to address other symptoms.

  • It can be quite effective for a number of mental health concerns and allow individuals to access training on a daily basis.

  • In the last five years, we have found it to be useful for training improvements in emotional regulation/balance, efficiency of processing, learning, improving focus, and executive abilities, and it has also been noted to create positive changes in energy, as well as emotional, cognitive, and social flexibility.

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Other In-House Technologies

NeuroThrive Networks leverages cutting-edge technology, including Brain-computer Interfaces, Wearable Devices, Telemedicine, and Qeeg Imaging (brain mapping). These tools improve outcomes by facilitating direct brain communication, immersive rehabilitation experiences, remote monitoring, personalized care, and detailed brain visualization for precise diagnosis and treatment planning. Keep reading to learn about the in-house technologies we offer.



NeuroGuide™ is a sophisticated software platform that is used for clinical and research purposes. The software offers the opportunity to collect brain activity using a 10/20 system, (also known as a qEEG or Quantitative Electroencephalogram), data analysis, and the creation of specific protocols to train regions of the brain to enhance brain performance, which is identified by the client as targeted symptoms or performance variables of interest.



Photobiomodulation (PBM)  uses non-ionizing forms of light sources, including LEDs, lasers and broadband light, in the near-infrared and visible spectrum. Photobiomodulation (PBM) utilizes photic (light) energy to trigger changes within cells.  Intracellular components of our cells respond to photons, such as mitochondria and microtubules. Visible red and near-infrared light (NIR) energy is absorbed by mitochondria via the enzyme cytochrome oxidase C. PBM enhances ATP production, melatonin production, cell signalling, and growth factor synthesis and stops oxidative stress. 

In this therapy, a source of light is placed close to the skin, allowing the light energy to pass through the tissue, where it interacts with cellular chromophores. This results in photochemical and photophysical changes that lead to alterations at the body's cellular, molecular and tissue levels. 



NeuroField technology provides both equipment and software for sophisticated collection as well as neurostimulation (TDCS, TACS, RNS, PNS, VNS and BNS), HRV and neurofeedback. It provides the additional advantage of surface training with alternating neurostimulation and neurofeedback protocols. The software comprises NeuroField Analysis, NeuroField64 and NeuroField ERP.  The NeuroField software has evolved over time, employing the latest innovations in the fields of Heart Rate Variability (HRV), neuromodulation, data analysis, neurofeedback and Event-Related Potentials (ERP). It supports these concepts as separate modalities.


All these devices and solutions are available at our clinic. You can visit the NeuroLounge to try, buy, or rent many of these products.


Why Neurofeedback?


Neurofeedback therapy has shown promise in treating various disorders such as ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, autism spectrum disorder, insomnia, drug addiction, schizophrenia, and learning disabilities. However, while it has demonstrated benefits, clinical research on its effectiveness remains inconclusive. Experts recommend using neurofeedback therapy as a supplementary approach alongside established medical treatments and medications. You can explore neurofeedback options with simplified and more cost-friendly technologies such as Myndlift, the Mendi or Muse headbands, all of which monitor brainwaves and provide feedback on brain activity. These technologies can be beneficial for individuals without a specific diagnosis, enhance coping skills, improve brain performance and can improve emotional regulation during stressful times.

Planning to visit our Calgary clinic to try neurofeedback? Please take our screening quiz to help us get a better understanding of your concerns.

Mental Health Services



Want to Benefit from this Technology?

Book an appointment with our counsellors for personalized support with brain performance and mental health with neurofeedback.


Free Clinical Support Services


Access free 30-minute clinical support services (up to five) provided by Registered Psychologists, Provisional Psychologists/Interns and other professionals who may be training and available on-site.


Welcome to Our NeuroLounge


The NeuroLounge is an open-access educational and consultation “hub” where professional team members and professionals-in-training are on-site to offer a free 30-minute consultation and, based on evaluation, up to five free 30-minute clinical support sessions that encourage a deeper understanding of your strengths and areas of concern. Support options may also include referrals to both in-house and external (free and fee-for-service) agencies and other resources as needed.


Visit us at the NeuroLounge to learn more about the latest digital therapeutics, such as “NeuroWearables”, that you can try, rent, or buy to enhance brain health and accelerate your thriving life. 


*We continue to identify and enhance our professional network of partners and resources to increase access to service. We welcome interested professionals, interns, and students to contact us for more information.


**COVID precautions continue to be practiced by professionals on-site.

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