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The Healthy and Wave Mat, Multi-Wave utilizes several technologies including PEMF Therapy and Infrared Heat Therapy.


  • Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy uses technology to stimulate and exercise cells to help resolve cellular dysfunction and to support overall wellness.
  • Infrared light therapy (IRT) is a treatment that improves the circulation of oxygen-rich blood in the body, promoting faster healing of deep tissues and relieving pain.
  • Comes with ten pre-programed 20-minute PEMF programs and two 1-hour PEMF programs.
  • The programmable function also makes it possible for the individual (with the support of a clinician) to choose which type of signal will suit their needs.
  • Try this product in the comfort of the Neuro Lounge for $29.99 for each session of up to 30 minutes. Contact us for more information on the trial.

Healthy Wave PEMF Mat with Red Light Therapy


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